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The feedback from our members was that working with someone who helped them manage their profits and key indicators was becoming increasingly expensive and that it’s growing increasingly difficult to find someone to trust.

Ascent is thrilled that we have arranged for our members to have access to the #1 CFO tool available, Dental Intel, to optimize profits and success. Not only will our partners maximize your profits through the tracking of scores of Key Performance Indicators in your office, but your dedicated CFO will show you how to USE these indicators to improve your quality of life.

Accent Members receive a $2,000 waiver on their Dental Intel CFO set up! This fee is charged to new clients due to the highly intensive workload Dental Intel’s CFO’s undertake during the first month of collecting and analyzing all of your key numbers;

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Note: For a limited time Ascent Members will receive a free membership to Dental Intel’s PFM (Personal Financial Management), valued at $100.00 per month. A professional and secure mobile site that tracks all your personal finances, including sky miles, in one location—when engaged with Dental Intel.

“Working with Dental Intel’s great team of business professionals has been phenomenal, and we are very optimistic for the future. This month, we are on track to have our best month, and we have been able to achieve this level of profitability in a much shorter time frame than we had set as our original goal.” –Dr. Brown

“I particularly appreciate that Dental Intel helped me learn which statistics should be measured and tracked. I also appreciate that they developed a budget that has taught me how to reliably bring home income, while also having funds for a motivating bonus system for my staff.” –Dr. Schrodi

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