Review My PPO Structure

There are few things that impact your bottom line more than optimizing your Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Insurance Structure. In fact, its importance cannot be overemphasized, and for many providers it defines the amount of revenues you can generate for your business.

As part of a network, the PPO plan you signed up for practically sets the fees you can charge for your specific procedures. Although the contract clearly states the prices you can collect, it doesn’t mean they always reflect the actual costs you spend per treatment.

In many cases, when the reimbursement rates are not sufficient to cover the expenditures involved in the procedure, the dentist ends up being in a bad situation, business- and practice-wise. You may not be able to earn the profit you’re supposed to and offer the best treatment for your patients due to low reimbursements.

Fortunately, this is not just a reality you have to accept. There is a way to make your insuranceplans more favorable to you; that is to gain a better understanding of the PPO system and make the most out of your structure.

Ascent is the most qualified team to help you in this endeavor. Scores of practitioners in need of a higher PPO reimbursement negotiate by joining Ascent. We use our expertise to help you maximize your profits within the boundaries set by your PPO structure. Our organization is passionate about taking your practice to new heights by giving you a helping hand when it comes to increasing your rates/maximizing revenue.

Don’t keep settling for the short end of the stick in your dental insurance contract. Dentists asking for better PPO reimbursement negotiate through Ascent and succeed. Be our member and set your consultation appointment today. Once a year our professional team will perform a no cost consultation and analysis for your practice as part of your membership—or more regularly, depending on which membership option you choose.

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