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Dental supplies are part of your major overhead expenditures in business. As a hard-working dental professional, it only makes sense that you seek deals to cut down on dental supply expenses and boost your bottom line. With the right promotion and prices, you can earn the revenue that you deserve while spending less on quality supplies.

Ascent never runs out of ways to help our members increase the profit they make and improve the level of care they provide. In fact, we have been aware of an excellent way to help our members save thousands of dollars yearly on dental supplies for quite some time now. Finally, we are excited to announce that we can now include this dental supply deal in our membership package at absolutely NO additional cost.

You heard it right. We’ve already taken care of the dues just for our valued members. We invite you to see it for yourself and discover what kind of dental supply promotion and member pricing awaits you when you join Ascent.

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