Dental Lab Deals

Ascent is not telling you to cut ties with your lab guy, but by the time you see what we offer exclusively to our members, chances are, you’d end up convincing yourself to join us.

Lab costs alone are enough to kill your practice—even if you are doing well in other areas.Setting aside a large chunk of your profits to cover pricey lab expenses is bad for business. What you need is a partner who will give you access to a world of savings for your lab work without compromising the level of care you can deliver to your patients.

Become a member of Ascent and get the best dental lab deals available. Our Lab Calculator clearly shows the amount of savings you can enjoy on ordering the premium supplies you need in practice. Play with the Calculator and you can already imagine the money you can keep in your pocket. Experiencing the quality of our “Jet Lab” will definitely make you realize how great it is to be a part of Ascent.

Speak to our dedicated lab professional to find answers to your inquiries. Our representative can also help you place your first order and take advantage of our dental lab promotions.

If after your initial consultation you still have more questions, you may contact the number above or send an email to Make sure to identify yourself as an Ascent Member when doing so.

We recommend that you register with the same username and password on our site to make your credentials easier to remember.

Lab Calculator

DescriptionMonthly UnitsAnnual UnitsAverage priceMember priceUnit SavingsMonthly SavingsAnnual Savings
Zirconia Full Contour1012011577383804560
Zirconia Layered1012013089414104920
Tilite (Medical Grade Non-Precious)101208469151501800
High Noble White10120170119515106120
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