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At Ascent, we underscore the importance of generating insurance revenue, but we also remind our members that driving fee-for-service profits is paramount in any practice. Signing up to become a provider on any number of discount plans is fine, but you’ll continue to be at the mercy of the reimbursement that plan dictates. A better alternative is to utilize PlanPro. PlanPro is a unique software for Ascent members that allows you to create any number of in-house discount plans for your cash paying clients, using any number of discount combinations to maximize retention and profits. A well-designed and tailored discount plan will not only increase your number of patients, but it could also help you retain them.

Ascent understands the amount of time it takes to create a plan, the need for accurate data, and the hassles of organizing, maintaining, tracking, and knowing the right fees to charge. The good thing is your membership now gives you exclusive pricing on this proprietary program developed to establish, administer, and maintain your custom dental discount plan(s).

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