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Running a dental practice is a lot more complicated than one would think. Agreed? You studied dentistry to provide excellent oral healthcare to patients, but you probably didn’t hear much about how to negotiate dental fees in school. While your main goal is to help people from all walks of life keep their teeth and gums at optimal levels, we all recognize that money is a major factor when it comes to keeping your business alive.

As a private practice dentist or even a large dental group, negotiating and improving on low dental insurance fees means everything. It allows you to increase your bottom line and elevate the level of care you can provide. In this endeavor, the secret is to fully understand the nitty gritty of the PPO system. This is where Ascent comes in.

Ascent is the team you can trust to negotiate dental insurance rates and get the right amount of reimbursement that you deserve and that is fair and reasonable. We know exactly how the business works and have a wealth of experience to assist you successfully. We will use our proven expertise to do all we can to secure an offer that suits your interest.

Our team is dedicated to building a solid foundation for your negotiations. We will review every aspect of your current PPO insurance structure and top billing codes until we get all the information we need to build a strong case for your practice.

All of our specialists are adept at recognizing the areas where you have leverage, so you can gain the upper hand in the negotiations. Whether you choose to discuss the matter with the insurance provider yourself or to let our experts represent you, you can count on us to help you separate great offers from the ones you should pass up on.

Even after you secure a good deal, we’ll continue to work with you and review your contracts as we assist with credentialing, recredentialing, negotiations for associates, etc each month to ensure you’re continually maximizing your PPO insurance revenue

Contact us today with your inquiry and let’s get started.

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